FCS-live is the UK's leading online risk management software.  Our unique combination of innovation, expertise and technology enables businesses of all sizes to remain legally compliant 365 days a year.  We work with many sectors, including:

  • National and International Events - sporting events, exhibitions, concerts and conferences
  • Education - universities, colleges, schools and nurseries
  • Commercial - shopping malls, retail chains and food outlets
  • Property - property/facility/maintenance management, care homes, housing associations, group/independent hotels
  • Office/ Industrial - offices, factories, multi-sited companies/businesses

Why choose us?

Using the unique FCS-live software enables business to remain up-to-date, legally compliant and safe.

  • Comprehensive yet easy to use Risk Assessment Report
  • Our online risk assessments allows you to instantly see if your building has outstanding or overdue actions
  • Great value for money
  • Email alerts that keep the responsible person up to date
  • Update reports at any time, creating an audit trail as evidence of compliance
  • FCS-live software complies with current regulations throughout the UK and is updated regularly with any new changes in legislation
  • Ideal for single and multi-site businesses
  • Highly commended by all Fire Brigades who have used the system
  • Annual audits/reviews keep staff and business premises safe
  • Qualified and experienced assessors
  • Negotiate insurance discounts
  • No job too small or large
  • All assessments are completed by competent and experienced assessors, providing priceless peace of mind at a very competitive rate

Our services ensure compliance for all businesses, from the smallest retail building to the largest residential complexes. For information on any of our safety consulting services, email us or call now on 0333 0433 833

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