The Cloud 15 offers our unique colour-coded overview of whether the building is classed as low, medium or high risk enables you to see at a glance what actions are required - and how urgently they need to be carried out. It includes all the relevant details of the property, a photo, a summary of risks, and recommendations of what needs to be done.

Through a simple to use dashboard, the online health and safety document shows where the building is failing to comply with legislation, what the risks are, and what you need to do. Risks are listed in priority, making it easy to organise what needs to be done immediately, and what can wait.

Update your progress!

Once you have rectified a risk, you can either sign off the action as completed, or add a status update to show that work is in progress. If it's completed, upload your own photos to show the result and it's immediately removed from your Recommendation Plan and sent to the Archive.