Fire Safety Engineering – The Facts

Standard fire safety design guides (such as Approved Document B) can be overly restrictive on the design of buildings, especially for innovative or unusual building designs. Fire Safety Engineering offers an alternative approach that focuses on ensuring that the design is safe from fire, rather than just ensuring that it complies with a particular design document.

Fire engineering methods can also be extremely beneficial, such as:

  • Structural Fire Engineering
  • Smoke modelling
  • Evacuation modelling
  • Radiation  Analysis
  • Smoke Control or Pressurisation System Analysis.
  • Suppression System Analysis

Our Engineering Team can provide you with:

  • Fire Strategies
  • Engineering Reports
  • Advice or Reports on Timber Framed Construction
  • Fire Advisor Support
  • Existing Building Compartment Compliance Inspections
  • During Construction on Site Passive Fire Compliance Inspections
  • Pre occupation surveys

A large amount of FCS-Live work simply involves our extensive knowledge of fire safety design codes, but having the ability to use fire engineering techniques when needed is extremely beneficial to all our clients.

If you have a project and you need expert support or believe fire engineering would be beneficial, or want to check whether fire engineering techniques could help solve a particular problem please contact the FCS-Live Fire Engineering Team. We have an unrivalled expertise in all areas of fire safety engineering; our Engineers are from Fire brigade or Building Control backgrounds and have a unique in-site into the requirements of enforcing authorities and extensive expertise in applying that knowledge in all types of buildings.

Our team of experts will be pleased to discuss any of our engineering services with you.