Due to changes in legislation and organisational cut backs our clients have made us aware that for those with large estates (e.g. Healthcare, Universities, Central Government and large corporations) it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right staff to fill the Fire Advisor role.

FCS-Live offer a dedicated service aimed at ensuring all your legislative requirements for fire safety are fulfilled, and all other fire safety issues are adequately addressed with the best interests of our clients identified and referred to at all times. Support can be provided in a number of ways:

  1. Fire Safety Advisor providing a full service as your fire safety advisor alleviating the need for companies to provide their own staff.
  2. Supporting existing Fire Safety Teams. Where a fire safety team is being reduced a cost effective way of supporting existing teams, to cover absences or new projects, is to hire in our services at the specific time and the specific level required.
  3. Providing Fire Safety Teams. If a specific project is planned or a new Fire Advisor is needed we have a network of fire safety professionals around the UK who are highly trained and available.