Sometimes it is necessary to analyse whether thermal radiation will cause fire to spread from one building to another.

Typical cases where this is necessary are as follows.

  • The need to prevent fire spread to adjacent buildings is covered by many Building Codes throughout the world
  • When providing kiosks or other similar uses in shopping centres or in atria, it may be necessary to analyse separation distance between kiosks to prevent fire spread.
  • In the UK, for construction sites that use timber construction, under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM Regulations) it is necessary to ensure that a fire during construction will not spread to adjacent buildings.

There are techniques to analyse fire spread due to radiation. Some  methods are shown in documents such as Approved Document B or BR187. However, those techniques are relatively simplistic and are based on calculations that assume one flat facade that is parallel to another flat facade.

FCS-Live staff have extensive expertise in the analysis of radiation, as well as in-house computer programs to support those calculations. We can also help in developing methods for reducing the risk to an acceptable level where required.