Are you a Risk Assessor?

If so you could save up to 50% of your time by using the FCS-live Cloud 15 Compliance software.

Cloud 15 is the UK's leading Compliance Software. FCS-live are proud to be able to say it was used for the London 2012 Games.

The Cloud 15 platform was initially created to be used for Fire Risk Assessments but due to its versatility has been expended to cover Health & Safety, Legionella, PUWER, HSCCP, Incident Investigation and Building Condition surveys. The system platform is being further developed for all compliance applications.

Cloud 15 is being used by many different customers in diverse settings; this includes a wide range of risk assessment companies under licence.

The software allows organisations to easily manage their compliance risks online by creating a structured process that ensures each property is legally compliant and safe.

It saves the risk assessor up to 50% of their time when completing assessments, as Cloud 15 compiles the report whilst they are walking around the premises, saving the assessor written up time back at the office. What’s more it won’t cost you a fortune; it’s only a fraction of the price of one risk assessment per month.

The Cloud 15 allows the client to not only have access to the online system but also to have access to our team of experts who can assist you throughout the process.

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