Our online building condition survey system is carried out on the cloud 15 platform and has specifically designed to make this process as easy as possible for the surveyor. Once the survey has been completed it is hosted for the customer on our cloud based on line system which can be accessed by the customer at any time. The surveys are written in plain English and designed to be easily navigated so anyone can use it.

The system can be licenced for existing building condition surveyors for a very reasonable annual licence fee that will save you time and pay for itself.

A condition survey involves the examination and photographic recording of an object, surface, or building prior to treatment.

A condition survey aims to:

  • Record the present condition of the object, highlighting areas of failure or concern.
  • Better understand the nature, history, technology and significance of the object
  • Investigate previous interventions.
  • Identify causes of historic and ongoing deterioration.
  • Present conservation recommendations based on the results of the survey.
  • Provide an estimate for works, if required

Techniques used in a condition survey include:

  • A visual examination of the object
  • A technical examination of the object using ultraviolet light to detect the presence of varnish, non-original materials, the use of particular paints etc.
  • The use of raking light to detect inconsistencies in the surface topography of an object
  • A written explanation of the condition of the object using our tablet based system
  • Digital photography using a tablet

Instant results:

An online survey is provided, in which the findings of the survey are detailed with recommendations for the development of an appropriate strategy to stabilise the object .Reports are available on line to the customer in an easily readable format.

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