A: Any windows 8 tablet will operate the software. The risk assessors tool will adjust to any tablet screen however there are some requirements for the processing power. There is a minimum recommended specification that the tablet should meet in order to function properly as a laptop replacement, however the risk assessors tool itself uses little space or operating power.

A: The software will allow you to edit any pre-set answer and will also allow you to add in unique non-conformances as you go. The system has been designed to make the assessment process quicker and as such all common findings are loaded as pre-set answers.

A: Ad hock assessments can be conducted at any time. These will be completed as new assessments within the tool.

A: No. The system has been designed as an offline tool. Internet connection is only required when a completed assessment needs to be synchronised with the online report.

A: This will depend on the choice of Tablet PC. The ones used by FCS-Live are capable of lasting 10 hours on a single charge with constant use of  the assessor software.

A: Photos can be uploaded separately into the assessment however the software has been designed to utilise the tablet pc’s built in camera for convenience.

A: The location of non-conformances can be recorded in text format. There is also an option to create CAD plans of the premises using Site Master LT – a mobile CAD  drawing software. This can be purchased as part of the licence if required and training will be provided in the use of the software.