Our on line legionella risk assessment system is carried out on the cloud 15 platform and has specifically designed to make this process as easy as possible for the assessor. Once the assessment has been completed it is hosted for the customer on our cloud based on line system which can be accessed by the customer at any time. The assessment is written in plain English and designed to be easily navigated so anyone can use it.

The system can be licenced for existing legionella assessors for a very reasonable annual licence fee that will save you time and pay for itself.

Or our specialist consultants will undertake a legionella water risk assessment of your site, which will include all water systems covered by the ACoP L8 regulations. Your site’s water quality standards will be assessed using the Cloud 15 system and you will be given access to the online system, a water quality improvement strategy complete with schematic drawings of your water systems.

Stored water, drinking water, processed water, closed systems are all covered by the ACoP L8 water quality regulations. Therefore, to safely manage your water quality it is vital that these water systems are properly assessed for their water quality risk. Euro Environmental water quality risk assessment consultants will provide a comprehensive water risk assessment of your water systems. The legionella water risk assessment will enable you to choose the correct course of action for ensuring your water quality and management comply to the requirements of the ACoP L8 water quality regulations.

Our meticulous water quality experts will provide an easy to interpret water quality standards on line report which will advise on the best solution for minimising the risks associated with legionella. Our trained legionella water risk assessment experts will also offer a comprehensive range of remedial services and water safety solutions. By using our expert water risk assessment services you can take the effort out of managing your water quality.

If you would like more information on how we can help you further or simply require a competitive quote please call us on 0333 0433 833 or complete our online contact form and a member of our team will reply to your enquiry promptly.