Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins

As Group Fire Safety Manager for Travis Perkins, I was tasked with finding a solution to how we could manage our large portfolio of properties regarding Fire Risk. I soon discovered that although many companies offer a service which can undertake Fire Risk Assessments, not many of them provide a comprehensive package that enables the customer to monitor, manage and plan ahead in mthe way FCS-live have with their on-line system.

We have around two thousand properties of varying shapes, sizes and complexities across several business brands throughout the UK and we need to be able to provide reassurance to each brand that we are fully compliant regarding Fire Safety. The on-line system that FCS have provided gives our organisation exactly that plus the ability to control our risks and plan for the future within budget. FCS have ensured that the on-line system is aligned to our business which allows full visibility to line management and Regional Directors at any given time and has reduced the out dated paper trail we were all using prior to that.

Our Branch Managers are able to update the Fire Risk Assessments on a more regular basis and can demonstrate progress and provide a full audit trail at all times thanks to the training and support given by FCS-live.

I would recommend FCS-live to any organisation that required full compliance via a very easy to use system.

Stuart McCormackGroup Fire Safety ManagerTravis PerkinsTestimonal Category: Fire


Steve delivered a bespoke session for our libraries on evacuation chairs; when to use them, how to use them and the type of chair that we should be using. In addition to this, he also delivered training on fire safety. Staff that attended the course commented on how much they had learnt and how much fun the session was.Rebecca GedikingTestimonal Category: Fire

Course Recommended

I recently completed the 5 day IFE Approved Fire Risk Assessors course given by FCS-Live Ltd. It was a thoroughly enjoyable course, very informative and well structured. I would highly recommend it and think it is good value for money.Peter Chandler – Health & Safety OfficerTestimonal Category: Fire

Landlink Estates

“I have been really impressed with the interactive aspect of the FCS-Live reporting system and the fact you can easily maintain it as a live document. I really like the online logging of the report”.Emma RandallEstates ManagerLandlink EstatesTestimonal Category: Fire

Liberty Stadium

“Our fire risk assessments are now supported by FCS software which ensures an efficient and highly comprehensive assessment and provides management with a user-friendly reporting tool. This significantly increases my confidence in the management of risk and helps to safeguard our excellent safety record and our reputation.

It wasn’t a difficult decision to buy into the service and it has exceeded my expectations. FCS has developed something big and important.”

Andrew DaviesGeneral ManagerSwansea Stadium Management CompanyTestimonal Category: Fire


As Facilities Manager at HTC, I was very pleased with the service we received from FCS-Live Ltd, from the initial communication and arranging the assessment, to the carrying out of it and the after care. They were extremely helpful and offered assistance to rectify any issues we had within our report. I have found the unique online system easy to use and very efficient, as a manager I work in a busy environment, therefore this system works perfectly for me as it doesn’t take up too much of my time when I am updating the assessment. Overall I would give FCS a 10 out of 10 for their service, support and professional approach.

I would not hesitate to recommend FCS to other organisations, small or large that require a fire risk assessment.

HTCTestimonal Category: Fire

Spectrum Recommends FCS-live

Spectrum, the buying consortium for the care home, hospitality, catering and medical sectors, has recently appointed FCS-live as a preferred supplier partner for managing care homes' compliance.

They told their members:

"We are very pleased to introduce Spectrum Consortium’s new preferred supplier partner, FCS LIVE. They have developed their own unique online “Fire Risk Assessment System” specifically designed for small individual buildings or large multi-site organisations. All their assessments are completed by IFE qualified assessors providing priceless peace of mind. Fire risk assessments can be viewed and updated online at any time.

Their aim is to provide businesses with a service that keeps them legally compliant, fully insured and most importantly SAFE.

We encourage you to take advantage of this new service..."

SpectrumTestimonal Category: Fire

Client recommended by MacBeth’s Insurance

Last year following the renewal of our block building insurance the insurance broker requested a full fire risk inspection, so Macbeth’s Insurance put us in touch with Bob Ward of FCS Live. From the initial conversation with Emma right through to setting up the inspection to receiving the report the customer service and journey was outstanding. Bob Ward came to see us on the 14th December last year and spent a few hours going over the block, which is in Kensington and Chelsea and checking each individual flats access (5).

It is a typical old Victorian block so stairs that lead nowhere and doors which used to be the back stairs for servants which are no longer so it was certainly a challenge. It was also quite scary to learn that earlier in the year when we had the block decorated that the painter had managed to paint all the magnetic strips on the flat front doors, making the doors no longer fire proof. We had a few fire hazards with children’s prams in corridors, one of the joys of London living but all the advice he gave us to overcome it was amazing.

When the detailed report hit my inbox two weeks later, it was detailed and again Emma was at the end of the phone as was Bob. We embarked on getting it up to scratch from simple fire exit signs, to smoke detectors in the communal areas and we have achieved 80%. All the way along the process though we had support at the end of the phone and email. The overall experience of working with FCS Live was very professional and pleasant and I would have no problem recommending them to anyone else who requires a Fire Risk Assessment or to a partner such as an insurance company.

Sarah DuckerTestimonal Category: Fire

LOCOG London 2012 Games

'I had not used a web-based process before but I can’t see, now, how it would have been possible, using paper systems, to achieve the required levels of risk compliance.'

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Noel BrennanHealth, Safety and Assurance ManagerLOCOGTestimonal Category: Fire

LOCOG London 2012 Games

'FCS Live and their team are fantastic – I highly recommend them all, they’re very vigilant, professional, thorough, very well organised and friendly too - it has been a pleasure working with them.'

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M WilkinsonHealth & Safety AdvisorLOCOGTestimonal Category: Fire