In order to comply with the Regulatory Reform Order you need to consider, supply and make arrangements for how you will evacuate your premises. In the event of a fire within a care/nursing facility, a well-planned and trained evacuation plan is essential.

The Fire Marshal course will provide candidates with the knowledge and confidence required to manage an evacuation of the premises and will include the following items;

  • Fire evacuation strategy
  • Action on discovering a fire
  • Action on hearing the fire alarm
  • Calling the fire brigade
  • Power/process isolation
  • Identification of key escape routes
  • Fire Marshals responsibilities
  • Places of assembly and roll call
  • Fire fighting equipment provided
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan’s (PEEP’s)
  • Liaison with emergency services

The fire emergency evacuation plan should be the subject of frequent training so all employees are familiar with its contents and there should be regular evacuation drills. You are required to carry out this fire training and it is recommended that you keep a record of the results of that training. This will assist you if you are ever required to prove your actions in the future.

We will give the appropriate incident management training specific to your premise that includes table top simulations using specially designed software demonstrating fire situations. This will enable the implementation of effective fire drills for all staff/residents and, provide management with the skills to monitor, review and record for future improvements.

Snapshots from SimsUShare (fire simulations)

Fire in building affecting escape route

External Bin fire affecting building risking spread to inside