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Blackpool hotelier with ‘callous disregard for safety’ jailed for 18 months

Peter Metcalf, the owner of a Blackpool hotel that was shut down last year due to a flagrant breach of fire safety regulations has been jailed for 18 months and ordered to pay £5,243 in costs.

The 90 room New Kimberley Hotel was described as a ‘death trap’ by Blackpool Council’s housing enforcement manager Alex Bracken, who said: “If a fire were to have started, it would have even put the firefighters in danger.

According to Lancashire Fire and Rescue the only escape from the building was through the front exit which was flanked by gas cylinders and faulty electrical wiring – there was no other fire exit that had not been nailed shut, chained shut or blocked with broken beds or other obstacles. Mr Metcalf’s response to fire officers was to threaten them with legal action, delivering what looked like homemade writs. A previous FIA news report detailed many other breaches of health, fire and safety regulations, which led to Metcalf’s prosecution.

The hotelier was found guilty of 15 breaches of fire safety law in the case, which was brought by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service fire safety regulation enforcement specialists.

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