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All buildings must have remediation plans by June 2024

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A new manifesto details that all buildings must have a remediation plan by June 2024.

The Campaign Groups manifesto published on Sunday 5th November 2023 raises the requirements for comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments and more efficient remediation measures.

It said there must be a “clear and consistent risk assessment standard” that can be applied to buildings of all heights.

“A case-by-case approach is unsustainable for dealing with the magnitude of affected buildings under 11 metres in height.

“Where professional risk assessments call for remediation or mitigation measures, then action to make the building safe must follow, regardless of building height.

“The government should work with all stakeholders to ensure their view of risk in buildings under 11 metres is not contradicted by the approach taken by lenders, insurers, fire engineers, and building owners,” according to the manifesto.

As per the group’s recommendations, government grant funding schemes should be expanded to “ensure buildings can be made fully safe” by addressing non-cladding defects and including mitigation measures like sprinklers when recommended by comprehensive risk assessments.

For further information on this manifesto please click here.

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