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Fire Engineering & Consultancy

If you have a project and you need expert support or want to check whether fire engineering techniques could help solve a particular problem please contact our specialist Fire Engineering team.

Fire engineering and consultancy

We have an unrivalled expertise in all areas of fire safety engineering: our engineers are from fire brigade or building control backgrounds and have a unique insight into the requirements of enforcing authorities and experience in applying that knowledge to all types of buildings.

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Fire Engineering Techniques

We use the latest fire engineering techniques and can provide the following:

  • Smoke Modelling (Zone and CFD)
  • Evacuation Modelling
  • Pressurisation System Analysis
  • Suppression System Analysis

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Additional Fire Consultancy Services

We also provide the following additional services:

  • Fire Strategies
  • Existing Building Compartment Compliance Inspections
  • During Construction on Site Passive Fire Compliance Inspections
  • Pre-Occupation Surveys

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Fire Engineering & Consultancy FAQs

A: Approved Document B (building regulations) and other guidance require specific knowledge to ensure your building not only complies but is also suitable for the intended occupants.
A: As early as possible! If not factored in initially, the fire design considerations could alter the initial design and cost significantly.
A: The price of fire engineering will vary depending on the requirements and is something that we would be pleased to price having reviewed the overall scope. One thing that we would stress is that it is far more expensive to re-configure a building which doesn’t meet the appropriate fire safety requirements after completion, than when the design is still on the drawing board! It is never too early to consider your approach to fire safety on a project.
A: Engineering Fire Strategies are written to inform the design, construction and approval process. They will contain technical information by their nature, however our engineers are on hand to explain the documents content if required.
A: Smoke modelling is often used to demonstrate to approving authorities that an engineered solution which deviates from building regulations can perform as good as - or better - than the criteria set out in the building regulations for natural ventilation. It is often used to accommodate extended corridors or atria in buildings.

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