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Fire Information Plans

Visualise your fire safety in a clear and concise manner for all

Communication is key when it comes to fire safety. At FCS-live we advise and create Fire Information Plans that convey key information to building occupants and the Fire and Rescue Service.

We have collaborated with FCS-live as our fire safety partner for a number of years with the scope including FRA’s, retrospective fire strategies and fire safety plans.

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Share your fire safety information effectively

Detail your current fire assets clearly, effectively and in-line with relevant guidance. At FCS-live we provide our clients with site specific Fire Asset Plans and Fire Evacuation Plans.

FCS-live have a dedicated team consisting of CAD Specialists, Illustrators and Site Surveyors who can review your existing plans, update where required and populate assets based on the requirements detailed in the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, or the joint benchmark standard produced by the Fire Industry Association and the National Fire Chiefs Council for Secure Information Boxes.

Fire asset management can be overwhelming across building portfolios. All FCS-live’s fire safety solutions put people’s safety first with accessible, practical, and relatable fire safety information.

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Every building is unique

Clear Fire Information Plans vary depending on the buildings use and design and are particularly important when buildings are large, complex or where the occupants are asleep or unfamiliar with the means of escape.

In the event of a fire, clear and concise information that is kept up to date, secure, and easily accessible is crucial.

Provide essential fire safety information to help keep people safe

Visualise your unique fire assets and evacuation plan in accordance with Regulation 6 of the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022.

Our Approach

FCS Cloud System

Keep people safe from fire

Communicate to building occupants what to do on hearing the fire alarm, the means of escape and key firefighting equipment.


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