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Fire Risk Assessment Software

Manage fire safety efficiently across your Trust

It takes a considerable amount of time and resource to keep fire safety up to date across NHS Trusts. FCS Cloud provides a simplified process for conducting, completing, and managing Fire Risk Assessments and the outcomes.

Since using the FCS-live FRA software our assessment process has become more streamlined and we are better positioned to conduct and complete the assessments in a more timely and efficient manner.

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Streamline and simplify how fire safety is managed across your Trust

Developed by BAFE certified fire safety specialists, FCS Cloud enables NHS Trusts to conduct Fire Risk Assessments via tablet-based software and hosts your FRAs in a central, live system.

FCS Cloud allows you to access status reports at any time, keeping you and key stakeholders up to date with progress.

At FCS-live our purpose is to make fire safety manageable. Easily integrate FCS Cloud into your in-house management system through seamless API integration, allowing you to manage assessment findings in a way that works for you and your Trust.

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Fire safety specialists

We use our extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience to develop smart solutions that keep people safe.

BAFE Fire Safety Register

We believe fire safety data should be accessible and uncomplicated. FCS Cloud is intuitive and provides users with access to oversee and manage fire safety across your trust.

Fire Risk Assessment Software

Be confident that your fire safety is up to date

Manage your fire safety efficiently with fire safety software that increases visibility with clear action plans and progress management.

Our Approach

FCS Cloud System

Ensure your data is always current

Know everything happening in your Trust for improved decision making and effective fire safety management.


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