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Managing Your Fire Risk

After we complete your fire risk assessment, it is hosted on our online system which can be accessed via a browser at any time. FCS Cloud provides you with a live system, greater visibility across your premises and the ability to manage your fire safety on an ongoing basis. The assessment is written in plain English and designed to be easily navigated.

It is a living document which allows you to sign off Action Plan items and update your Fire Log Book – all whilst maintaining an audit trail and archive, keeping you up to date and safe.

About FCS Cloud

Managing Your Fire Risk FAQs

A: FCS Cloud is an online risk management system, providing a portal for you to access your live risk assessment and manage your ongoing fire safety. Effectively removing paper-based systems and putting you in control.
A: No, we provide our reports as standard on FCS Cloud, enabling you to manage your ongoing fire safety easily and effectively.
A: Each User has their own unique Username and Password with any change in status automatically registered to create accountability and an audit trail of progress. For organisations with multiple premises or buildings, Users can be set so that they only see the premises or building(s) that are applicable to them.
A: Yes, your Fire Risk Assessment on FCS Cloud is a “living document” - you update it with any progress that you have made from the initial Fire Risk Assessment, creating an Audit Trail of your ongoing Fire Safety Management.
A: FCS Cloud provides a live Fire Log Book removing the need for paper-based systems. Log Book items have a “next due” date clearly highlighting to you when actions need to be taken or if they are overdue.
A: FCS Cloud will make the management of your estate much easier! You will see all of the sites located on a map (based on postcode data) with an indication of the overall risk of each particular building/site, at that given time: it is a live system!
A: As FCS Cloud is a live system, we can provide up-to-date information helping you to manage your Fire Safety and analyse your risk.
A: Yes we have a free of charge helpline which is open during normal working hours providing assistance and support for FCS Cloud as well as any technical queries regarding the Fire Risk Assessment and general Fire Safety issues.

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