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Marlborough College

Supporting an independent boarding school to keep people safe. Always.

Marlborough College


The project

Originally founded in 1843, the independent boarding and day school campus comprises a wide range of buildings. From listed buildings for educational purposes to newly built boarding accommodation.

Marlborough College were looking to partner with a fire safety organisation that provided a high degree of competency and experience working in the education sector.

Our solution

Accessible, practical, and reliable fire safety management solutions that keep people safe every day.

Following an initial pilot scheme of several boarding houses’ Fire Risk Assessments, Marlborough College experienced the benefits of a streamlined fire safety system. Following the successful pilot, FCS-live conducted all remaining Fire Risk Assessments across the entire estate.

The detailed assessments presented in a user-friendly format allowed the on-site Health and Safety team to easily navigate and action fire safety risks, keeping fire safety up to date.

The result

Those responsible for fire safety on-site can easily access Fire Risk Assessments and be in control of fire safety with just a click. In addition to specific users having access to gain a top-level understanding of fire safety across the estate at Marlborough College’s discretion.

This has streamlined the sharing and storing of fire safety information across the estate and ensured all relevant personnel are updated on fire safety progress.

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FCS-live provide the reassurance that we were looking for in a fire safety partner.

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