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Re-branding announcement: FCS-Live

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FCS-live are excited to introduce the new brand identity that better communicates the consultancies trust fire safety solutions.

FCS-live was founded in 2006 with one goal: to keep people safe from fire.

Identifying that organisations need to improve their fire safety design, consistency, progress and reporting, FCS-live have delivered an approach to fire safety that helps organisations to achieve their fire safety ambitions.

This approach includes a fire safety management hub, FCS Cloud which supports a simplified approach to conducting Fire Risk Assessments and managing fire safety efficiently. In addition to providing strategic Fire Engineering and Consultancy advice that supports the innovative design and development of buildings and Fire Information Plans that visualise and communicate key fire safety.

For over 17 years, FCS-live have supported a diverse range of clients to put people’s safety first with accessible, practical, and reliable solutions that:

As FCS-live set their sights on making fire safety more than just compliance, now was the time to capture this vision through a brand that reflects the consultancies continuous innovation.

Always striving to keep people safe, the logo features a human embrace, symbolising the support and protection. The red colour signifies confidence, security and pro-active action.

What’s next for FCS-live? According to Managing Director Ross Braidley “Our refreshed brand marks the first phase of our growth plans which we’re very excited about”.

Stay tuned for more announcements.

About FCS-live

FCS-live is a leading Fire Safety consultancy where fire safety is more than just compliance. For over 17 years, FCS-live have supported a diverse range of clients with Fire Risk Assessments, smart FRA software, Fire Engineering, Consultancy and bespoke Fire Information Plans. FCS-live’s mission is to support the management of fire safety every day to ultimately make buildings safer nationwide.


Ross Braidley

As Managing Director of FCS-live, Ross is committed to ensuring competency and quality throughout the company’s services.

With experience in a wide range of buildings Ross is a third-party registered Fire Risk Assessor under the IFE Fire Risk Assessors Register, the IFSM Tier 3 Nationally Accredited Fire Risk Assessors Register and is also a nominated validator under the BAFE SP205 scheme.

Ross is a member of the Fire Industry Association (FIA) Fire Risk Assessment Council.

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