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Visibility is key to managing fire safety effectively

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At FCS-live, our aim is to keep people safe by improving the safety of buildings.

Since our foundation we have committed to providing our clients with accurate and reliable fire safety advice in a clear and understandable way.

We understand that the ability to access and control live assessment data across an organisations building stock is essential to managing fire safety effectively.

FCS Cloud enables organisations to manage day to day fire safety and monitor progress of their total fire safety status, enabling swifter and smarter management decisions to reduce life safety risks.

The cloud-based system supports users to view live and historical data of each building, or for the portfolio as a whole, with a click of a button.

Features such as Risk Summaries, Action Plans and Live Logbooks are easily accessible, with users also able to compare outstanding and signed-off actions along with their associated risk level, thereby providing a summary of fire safety status in seconds.

The live system automatically uploads Fire Risk Assessments which are conducted on-site using a tablet. Each assessment uses the same defined question set supporting consistent reporting every time. The Responsible persons have instant access to real-time assessments where actions are provided with a priority level and supporting images for remediation.

The FCS Cloud system enables users to download reports in Excel formats across the total building portfolio, including the different levels of non-conformity and different areas of the Fire Risk Assessment (i.e., fire doors, signage, etc.). This provides key stakeholders with trend analysis across the entire portfolio.

FCS Cloud can be easily integrated into CAFM (or equivalent) systems through API integration (dependent upon suitability) that supports the sharing and storing of fire safety data. Actions identified in the Fire Risk Assessment can be passed directly from FCS Cloud to internal systems, allowing clients to manage assessment findings in a way that works for them.

The result? streamlined sharing and storing of fire safety information leading to manageable fire safety.

About FCS-live

FCS-live is a leading Fire Safety consultancy where fire safety is more than just compliance. For over 17 years, FCS-live have supported a diverse range of clients with Fire Risk Assessments, smart FRA software, Fire Engineering, Consultancy and bespoke Fire Information Plans. FCS-live’s mission is to support the management of fire safety every day to ultimately make buildings safer nationwide.


Mark Stacey

Mark has a strong focus on client relationships and ensuring that their fire safety requirements and needs are fully understood and supported.

Mark is passionate when it comes to the management of fire safety and is keen to liaise with clients and the FCS-live development team to review, develop and implement new ideas and functionality to the FCS Cloud live portal to further enhance the FCS-live offering.

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